Week 5 “Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in a Digital Age: Owning and Mining the Past”

October 31st, 2012

Copyright has become a huge issue as of late. Watching “Copyright Criminals” made me think of my middle and high school days when illegal downloads of music was very popular. I remember for me it go to a point where it was almost unheard of to buy music. When Napster and Limewire were shutdown many people my worried over where they would get their music from. It made me think of the impact that the internet has had in music.

Illegal downloading was an obvious downside but the internet has made music easily accessible to so many people. There are so many types of music that I sampled on the internet that I would have never thought I would like or that weren’t played on radio stations that I listened to. The internet has also made sharing music so much easier; I’m able to send a song that I like to my friend who I’m talking to on Skype  New artist are able to share their music quickly and easily over their websites. Never has music been so accessible to so many people.

While there are many ways the internet dramatically increased data sharing and accessibility, Copyright infringement has become an increasingly serious side effect.

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