Week 11

November 5th, 2012

I thought Edward Tufte’s “PowerPoint is Evil” was very interesting however I don’t necessarily agree with all points. I do agree that PowerPoint puts presentation of content. Many of the most visually appealing PowerPoints often lack in content and information.  Being that society and education is becoming increasingly intertwined with technology children are being taught this from a very young age. They are learning to put presentation over content which can present numerous problems as they get further in their academic career.

There are a few points that I do not agree with Tufte on. I do not think audience boredom is mostly related to content failure. As I said earlier some of the most visually appealing slides often lack in content but having good content with a bland, one dimensional presentation isn’t appealing either. The “Good” information table does not grab my eye and I don’t think many people will absorb the information. While I agree the “Bad” tables are confusing and jumbled, I think showing just one of those charts would grab the audience attention and effectively communicate information as well. I would much rather look at visualization from many eyes then a simple black and white columns with rows of numbers.

“PowerPoint is Evil” was a great article because it articulated many issues that I didn’t know I had with PowerPoint. I think that after reading this I will become more critical of how I use PowerPoint and that way I chose to present my information.

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